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Stormblades Description

Become the great warrior you were destined to be in this hack'n'slash mobile app brought to you by Kiloo Games. Unsheathe your sword, charge into battle and explore the unknown as you complete quests and collect valuable artifacts...


Ancient ruins hold many secrets and oftentimes, it’s up to valiant warriors like yourself to unravel the mysteries that lie deep within the remains of the past. The main character in the hack’n’slash adventure Stormblades is one of these brave souls and thankfully, you have the chance to take control of his avatar and help him through his journey. Equipped with a massive blade, this hero is more than ready to take on any danger that might lurk in the shadows or hide behind the nearest corner. No enemy is too tough, no challenge too great for you in this free-to-play mobile app!

Crawling into dungeons and exploring the unknown comes with a certain risk, so it’s wise to stock up on helpful boosts when diving into Stormblades, the free action mobile game available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The way you steer your character through these missions is by making use of the touchscreen controls of your smartphone or tablet. Tap the screen to move, hack and slash or simply dash your way through dark crypts and gloomy caverns and always be prepared to mash buttons to get out of sticky situations as quickly as possible. Need a bit of extra help to take down a boss monster? Then reach out to the Stormblades community and swap strategies with other players...

The key ingredient to staying alive in Stormblades is to fill your virtual pockets with valuable loot. Every adventurer needs their special gear, right? Right, so make sure to pick up anything that might be of value while on your quest. Do you have what it takes to uncover the secrets of this action-packed online game? With a little bit of practice, you will and eventually return home to your tribe and tell tales of your legacy. Download the fantasy app today and find out what Kiloo Games (Smash Champs, Subway Surfers) has to offer all brawlers looking for a new challenge to take while on the go!

Stormblades Videos

  • Stormblades: Cinematic Trailer to Tease Launch

    03/16/2015 08:49 am - What's the best way to create hype? That's right, by releasing a fancy trailer to tease a game's upcoming launch. Kiloo Games knows this and has published a new video for Stormblades, announcing the official release date along the way. Starting...more

  • Stormblades: First Action Gameplay Preview

    02/23/2015 04:26 am - Intense battles, whirling swords and quick time events: Players can expect a whole lot of hack'n'slash action in this new mobile game by Kiloo. Get ready to explore ancient ruins alone or with the help of other fantasy blademasters for free...more

Stormblades News

  • Stormblades: New Kiloo Game Launching Today

    03/19/2015 04:39 am - The thing we here at really love about the mobile gaming industry is that there are barely any longer waiting periods: Games are announced, go into their soft launch, and get released quickly afterwards. The excitement for...more

  • Stormblades: Kiloo Announces New Action Mobile Game

    02/09/2015 07:30 am - Kiloo seems to be on a roll and apparently has no plan of stopping anytime soon: Just a few months ago, the studio released a brand-new game by the name of Smash Champs. Now, the team is ready to unveil another project: Stormblades, a hack’n’slash...more

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