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Storm Riders
What to expect:
  • Fantasy World full of Stories and Quests
  • Choose between Four Different Heroes
  • Thrilling Real Time Action
  • PvP Mode
  • Characters Continue to Develop even when You're Offline
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • RPG
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Play Storm Riders – A Free-to-Play Kung-Fu MMO

Learn the art of Kung Fu in the free-to-play MMORPG Storm Riders. Go on a big adventure in a world filled with magic and fun.


Become a kung fu master in the free-to-play browser game Storm Riders. But before you start your training, you have to choose a character. Instead of creating your own character from scratch, you can choose between four very different heroes. Each one has their very own story that has influenced their skills. Make the right decision for you and choose a hero whose strengths and weaknesses reflects your preferred playstyle. There’s the kind Wind, the calm Cloud, the courageous warrior called Dream, and the conscientious Ash. All of these characters have one thing in common – they can all learn powerful kung fu techniques and control the elements to defeat all enemies.

The Importance of Making Friends in Storm Riders

Fighting is the right keyword in Storm Riders. You will have to fight against NPC opponents and other players all the time. But that’s why you have chosen to delve into the roleplaying game in the first place. Every successful battle rewards you with valuable experience points which you need to collect in order to level up – as you might know from playing other RPGs. The browser game also features a plethora of quests, another thing that is very typical for the genre. While you usually head into these PvE challenges on your own, you can always team up with other players to journey through the MMORPG together. Not only will you be able to more easily defeat your enemies, but you will also be able to collect more experience points that way. Aside from that, Storm Riders also features a specific PvP mode where you have to fight against other players and prove your talent as a kung fu master.

One of the unique features of the browser game is that your character never stops learning, even when you go offline. You can either have your character meditate or send him on automatic quests that he can finish on his own, in order to improve his skills. That allows you to always advance your character, even when you’re not sitting at the computer.

Storm Riders is available for free in the browser of your choice. All you have to do in order to play the game is sign up an account.

Storm Riders Screenshots

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