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What to expect:
  • Evolve your characters from simple cavemen to sophisticated settlers
  • Lead your tribe through the wilderness, learning to hunt and gather
  • Customize the very lives of cavemen by learning and growing
  • Create an settlement and new ways for your cavemen to live
  • Enjoy cute, detailed animation and graphics in cartoon-style
  • Mobile Games
  • Upjers
  • Simulation
  • Life Simulation
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Play Stonies and Explore the Earliest Human Era as a Caveman

Discover the past and guide the evolution of your very own caveman tribe at the beginning of human history in free-to-play mobile game, Stonies.


Take control of humans in their purest form as simple cavemen in free-to-play mobile game Stonies! You get to decide how to help your eventual family and friends go from living in the dangerous wilderness to being a true hunter and gatherer society living in villages. Starting out alone as a single Stonie, you begin your journey learning to hunt, fish, and gather food. Various materials like wood, stone, and leather allow you to learn crafting to make weapons, and eventually build shelter as well. Learn to chop down trees, carve rocks into weapons and wood into figurines, harvest fruits, and more! Complete missions with your tribe of Stonies, and learn new skills while you’re at it. Animations will create the simulated atmosphere and make your prehistoric adventure that much more realistic.

Enjoy cute cartoon graphics in Stonies!

With adorable, impressive cartoon-styled graphics, in free mobile game Stonies, you’ll get to know your growing cavemen society and help them become settlers along with you. Your building, growth and learning will attract other Stonies who will help you build a bigger and more secure settlement and expand your territory together. You will be able to build huts and buildings, plant gardens and explore agricultural aspects of the world, and even decorate your surroundings. Build and expand, even complete with spiritual components, to create a society and culture with your fellow Stonies. Make a family and friends, see them fall in love and make family and friends of their own, become more sophisticated together, and get a taste of human evolution from the very start.

With Stonies, you can become a leader of the Stone Age and experience first hand how humans evolve in this tycoon-style mobile game. Available for Android in the Google Play Store and iOS in the App Store, Stonies is free to play and ready to download for anyone who wants to start from rock bottom - literally!

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