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Stellar Dawn
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Stellar Dawn Description

Face your destiny as you travel far into the depths of space, taking on wild extraterrestrial creatures and journeying through vast unexplored solar systems...


The galactic action-packed science fiction browser game, Stellar Dawn, takes you on dangerous missions to uncharted territory in the vast mass of the universe. Explore futuristic environments and take on terrifying supernatural beings, equipped with powerful weaponry and a sleek fleet in this cosmic space adventure.

Equip and personalise your character, and choose from one of four unique species with which to join – the human species, the plant-type pliigi species, the rock-type mortiga species and the cybernetic technology race. Fight alongside your comrades or alone in colossal battles against ferocious enemies. Decide where your loyalties lie - it may be the difference between life and death.

Stellar Dawn has a unique blend of PvE and PvP elements – ensuring that combat never goes stale. Be sure to be on your guard, as around every corner is a dormant evil awaiting its next prey. Test your strategic and tactical skills as you face these evils.

The adventurous MMORPG Stellar Dawn is developed by Cambridge-based Jagex and contains a rich science fiction back-story. The free to play browser game invites you to fight for glory and honour, as you embark on the ultimate quest of domination of the universe. Stellar Dawn contains excellent realistic graphics, and a storyline that develops as you progress throughout the game, taking the player right into the core of space battle and adventure.

Brace for impact, as you crash-land into the universe of the epic sci-fi browser game, Stellar Dawn.

by Kyle Hayth

Stellar Dawn Screenshots

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