Steel Legions: Overview of Turret Types

11/19/2012 11:33 am by Jonathan Smith in Tips & TricksBrowser Games3D

Since the beginning of October, you have been able to secure areas in Steel Legions with various types of stationary guns. In the meantime, Splitscreen Studios has continuously integrated a number of different types of guns to give your defensive battlements more bulk and utility. We’ve gathered up and summarized how the various turrets differ from one another.
Stationary GunFires on all enemy vehicles in range
Stationary Tar CannonShoots clumps of tar at opposing vehicles, thereby slowing them
Stationary Nebula CannonReduces enemy's vision along with attack range
Stationary Nitro Gun30% stronger than a standard stationary gun
Stationary FlamethrowerShoots flames, causing enemy vehicles hit to lose 40% of their armor rating
Stationary Mazer CannonShoots enemies with a magnetic field, reducing their targeting accuracy by 40%
Stationary Red Nitro Gun35% stronger than a standard stationary gun
Source: Game homepage
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