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Steel Legions
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Steel Legions Description

In an alternative past where resources are few and far between, a war is raging between four factions, each desperate to get a hold of the remaining fuel. Who will you side with?


Steel Legions is a strategy browser based game set in a virtual world ravaged by war. You must join one of the four powerful factions, and fight against your enemies to track down, loot and protect the precious little resources that remain. Giant steel, steam and oil colossuses protect these factions, powered by half a dozen citizens. These colossuses however need fuel and resources to function, so it is your mission to help keep them powered by any means possible in the browser game Steel Legions. Help these colossal steel machines to both overthrow the enemy and hunt down precious resources. In the strategic game Steel Legions you will be able to embark on thrilling tactical missions where you fight against other players and factions in intense player vs player battles.

There are four unique factions in the browser based game Steel Legions. These include the Phoenix Empire, the Tundran Warriors, the Pandora Rebels and the Golden Territories. The Phoenix Empire reside in the cold eastern mountains and are ready to invest in the destruction of others. The Tundran Warriors have a connection with nature, and in turn believe that what exists on Earth is theirs for the taking. The Pandora Rebels stem out of the poor wastelands of Pandora, and have always relied on brute military strength for survival. The Golden Territories come from a rich and fruitful world, and are therefore the wealthiest of the four factions. Choose which faction you want to fight for and join the epic battle for control and resources in the 3D game Steel Legions.

by Kyle Hayth

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