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Starpires Description

Create an empire and expand across the stars as you defeat your opponents and build mighty armies. Only one can rule the galaxy - will you be the one to claim the throne?


Starpires is a free-to-play browser game in which you attempt to take over the known galaxy. You must collect resources, build up an army and balance your budget all in the hopes of becoming the next galactic ruler.

In Starpires, it is important that you take care of your populace. They are your driving force and without them, you cannot conquer the stars. Make sure that you grow food and produce enough to supply the population. You must also collect taxes in order to fund other projects, such as building ships or new buildings.

Of course, you must also build up a strong military in Starpires. You can recruit several different kinds of units to create your army. Troops, generals, fighters, command ships and more are all integral parts of an effective strategy.

The environment in Starspires is a harsh one. You must keep an eye on the air quality of your planet and the morale of your subjects. If any of these numbers sink too low, you could start suffering serious consequences.

Starpires is a turn-based browser game. That means you have a chance to make decisions and prepare your assault every turn. At the end of every turn, the results of whatever battles or changes you have made will be in effect. You can also check out the turn summary to see what all has happened.

Create an empire. Conquer the stars. Anything is possible if you manage your resources and military properly in the free-to-play browser game, Starpires.

by Kyle Hayth

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