Starfall Tactics
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Starfall Tactics
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Starfall Tactics Description

Part war game, part real-time strategy: Dive into a mysterious sci-fi universe that offers both action-packed battles and tactical combat all wrapped up in multiplayer battles. Build your own starship and take on other commanders to reign supreme...


Earth as we know it no longer exists. All natural resources have been exhausted and mankind has managed to destroy every single living organism. What’s there to do? Seek out other planets and set up camp there of course! In Starfall Tactics, players are asked to join one of three factions and roam the universe from behind the control board of a massive starship. This is no easy feat, obviously, and before you can take on other players in fast-paced dogfight battles, you will have to collect currency and turn your little spaceship into an awe-inspiring dreadnought ready to take on anything - or anyone - in tactical combat.

Before you dive into what Starfall Tactics has to offer, you have to make a decision that will determine your path within the free-to-play strategy game. There’s one particular question you need to answer before you can carry on and begin life as a starfleet commander: Which faction represents your personality the most? The following are available - Vanguard, Eclipse, and Deprived. All three have their own strengths to bring to the battlefield and approach combat in their unique way. While no choice will increase your chance of winning or losing as they're all equally as powerful, it’s important to note that joining a people will forever put you at war with the remaining ones. Once that is clear and you are ready to make a decision, get ready to deploy a variety of ships to protect what’s yours in this online game.

Simply sending a cruiser into battle will not let you win a battle in Starfall Tactics. The key to being a great leader in this free-to-play title is to always be two steps ahead. Know your enemy’s strategy, find out what tricks they may be hiding up their sleeves and be prepared for anything. This approach will not only get you far in times of war, but potentially also catapult you to the top of the leaderboards. Keep in mind that every little detail about your spaceship is customizable. From the overall design to its attributes: Tweak and change any feature you are not comfortable with and prove to the sci-fi community that you have what it takes to put together the perfect fleet, programmed to deal with every situation.

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