Star Wars Uprising
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Star Wars Uprising
What to expect:
  • Play for Free in the Star Wars Universe
  • Create your own Hero and Complete Missions
  • Play Online with Loads of Other Players
  • Join a Cartel and Play with your Friends
  • All of your Favorite Star Wars Locations
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Follow your Destiny in this free-to-play Star Wars Game!

The universe is in an uproar after the alleged death of the emperor! Your fight against the empire has just begun in Star Wars Uprising!


You earn your money as a smuggler, gangster, or bounty hunter, but the imperial forces are making your life a living hell. Only days after the battle on Endor and the fall of the emperor, the Anoat sector has been closed off. You can’t expect the rebels on the other side of the blockade to help you. You are left on your own. Will you organize a resistance movement or go on as a thug and mercenary?

A New Generation

Darth Sidious and Darth Vader are history – this news spreads across the entire universe like a wildfire. But this doesn’t mean that the Galactic Empire is completely incapable of acting – particularly in the Anoat-Sector. Here, the Stormtroopers are still wreaking havoc, until a group of resistance fighters comes together and starts an uprising. This is the starting situation in Star Wars Uprising.

It is entirely up to you which path you want to follow in this Star Wars game. Will you be the next Han Solo or will you become a renowned bounty hunter like Boba Fett? Recruit a capable crew and explore all of the secrets that this sector has to offer. Various well-known locations from the movies await you in this RPG. Travel to Cloud City – a floating gas mining colony over the gas planet of Bespin – or visit Hoth where the metallic remainders of the Battle of Hoth are still to be found.

Other players will be your allies. Play together with them in a synchronized coop game mode. Your common enemy is not just the Empire, but a vast group of other players. Star Wars Uprising features gigantic PvP battles that take place across the entire sector!

Three Factions

Aside from the Empire, there are three major factions in the roleplaying game:

  • The local Rebels have sworn allegiance to the Rebel Alliance, but have long been out of contact with the larger group.
  • The Nobles are descendants of the original Anoat leaders who have almost been entirely wiped out by the Empire.
  • The Trade Spine League are made up of smugglers and freelance mercenaries who value personal freedom and independence.

The plot of Star Wars Uprising takes place between Return of the Jedi and the upcoming Star Wars trilogy whose first installment called Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens comes out in 2015.

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