Star Wars: Galactic Defense
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Star Wars: Galactic Defense
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Star Wars: Galactic Defense Description

Welcome to a galaxy far, far away! Delve into this mobile game to relive the Star Wars universe in an entirely new way. Control entire armies as you fight for the light side or dark side of the force. That's right, you get to choose your alliance...


There are endless ways to retell the story of the Star Wars universe! You could experience it from the eyes of one character as in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a MMORPG. Or it could be retold in a fun and casual way mashing it with another franchise, as in Angry Birds: Star Wars. There are numerous free-to-play online and mobile games on that are set in the popular Star Wars franchise, but this app offers an entirely new approach to the lore.

In Star Wars: Galactic Defense, you become the leader of an entire army. The free-to-play app is a tower defense game in which you can choose a side. Do you want to join the Empire or the Rebels? It is up to you! Keep in mind, however, that your alliance will determine which objects, weapons, fighters, and towers you can use to defend yourself and attack your opponents. Command up to three iconic characters of your alliance, including Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda.

The tower defense mobile game features more than 100 different battle scenarios in an intense and action-packed singleplayer campaign mode. The goal of the game is to defend yourself against inimical attacks. Obviously, you will need units, defenses, and weapons to do so. Unlock units and level them up in order to always have an upper hand in battles. It takes more than just strong forces to win matches. The right strategy is of utmost importance. Stop enemies in their tracks as you wouldn't want them to infiltrate the core of your base. Use the force, your powerful abilities, or call an orbital bombardment if things get rough.

The free-to-play tower defense game is available for all Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. If you’re willing to connect with your friends to conquer the galaxy together, you will need to have a stable internet connection.

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