Star Wars – Commander: The Force Awakens Update

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The Force Awakens Update for Star Wars: Commander

In the lead up to the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, Star Wars: Commander is getting an update inspired by the new film. There are new units, worlds and starships in the mobile game.

There have been quite a few Star Wars releases lately (Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes), building up hype for the upcoming feature film, most of which include little details from The Force Awakens to whet our Star Wars appetites even more. This update to the mobile game includes two new mercenary units and a new world inspired by the new film.

A New World from the Force Awakens Film

The Force Awakens

The new units included are taken straight from the Force Awakens universe. Players can command the Luggabeast Munitioneer or the Dowutin Hunter. The Munitioneer rides a cybernetically-enhanced beast into battle, and it improves the damage output for other allies, and the Hunter wields a starship blaster and thermal grenades to take down enemy units. On top of this, the bases in Star Wars: Commander can be moved to Takodana, a world featured in the new film.

Star Wars: Commander is completely free to play, and available for iOS and Android. Click the button below to head to the official app page and download the game now.

Source: Official App Store

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