Star Wars - Commander: One Year Anniversary and New Update

09/07/2015 11:27 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsMobile GamesiOS

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander

So it’s been a whole year since the mobile strategy game was released, and Star Wars: Commander has been keeping track of statistics since the launch of the game. 20 million players have downloaded the game, and there have been over 500 million battles fought.

Players have chosen between the light and the dark side, picking out their favorite character to take into battle. Nearly 5 billion stormtroopers were deployed, with just under 3 billion from the rebel side. It seems that players have an evil tendency, and like to choose the dark side of the force. You can check out the full infographic here, with loads of interesting facts and statistics about the game.

That's a lot of Stormtroopers...

Along with the news we also have a small update to the game; Star Wars: Commander is getting a new Commander Info Network. This means that players will be able to stay up to date on news, features, updates and more.

Source: Official Website

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