Star Wars - Commander: Visit the Cantina in New Update

03/20/2015 07:11 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsStrategyiOS

It is a good time to be part of the Star Wars: Commander community. One update is following the next, adding new content, features, and modes to the mobile strategy game. The last major patch was only released a few weeks ago, but players can already delve into the next major content update. It will bring one iconic building to the sci-fi RTS in particular that should delight all Star Wars fans. Build your very own Cantina in Star Wars: Commander.

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander

By erecting the Cantina, players will be able to use the contraband to hire new mercenary units. After all, it is well known that bars and nightclubs are great places to meet new people! The patch also brings the Gamorrean Warrior to the sci-fi RTS. This is a heavy bruiser who functions as a tank. He can not only take a lot of hits, but also deal quite some damage himself. His final attack upon death will deal massive damage to whatever it manages to hit. He can exclusively be hired in the Cantina.

Another new unit that can be hired in this renowned nightclub is the Twi’lek Incinerator. This is a quick striker who deals fire damage and a burning debuff. This unit explodes upon death dealing fire damage to nearby opponents.

The update is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Source: PlaydomForums

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