Star Wars: Attack Squadrons
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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons
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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Description

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It's time to get back into space in this free-to-play online game, revisit memorable Star Wars locations and shake off enemy star pilots by breezing past asteroids. What better way to show off your skills?


Avid Star Wars fans felt a bit iffy about Disney taking over the popular sci-fi franchise. Would they destroy the series by releasing nothing but cutesy characters? Were they capable of continuing the franchise? Well, it looks like they are! Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be the studios next attempt at bringing Star Wars back on every gamer’s screen. It has been a while since any developer dared to release a game where players could just hop on a starship, take over the controls and go up against the opposing faction. Are you ready to soar into new heights in the new free-to-play shooter?

Being a Starfighter Pilot is far from an easy job: You have to be total control of your aircraft, know just when to trigger your laser beams and how to dodge incoming enemy squadrons. The online game allows you to accelerate your engines whenever you think the time is right - just remember to stay in formation with your allies! That’s right, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons gives you the opportunity to play with your friends and show other players what your team is made of. Winning fights will not only grant you the ultimate bragging rights, but also reward you with points. Use them to unlock items, upgrade your X-Wing or customize your personal starship.

There are currently three game modes available in Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. You will fight up to fifteen other players in Free For All; join forces with other pilots and defend your team’s honor in Team Dogfight; and protect your base while launching attacks on opposing teams in Base Defense. Either way, you will always have to communicate with all members of your team in this free-to-play online space combat game. That’s the only way you will be able to take home victory and obliterate the enemy faction - whether you are part of the Galactic Empire or have joined the Galactic Republic. If you would rather join the science fiction universe in form of a MMORPG, check out Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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