Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Expansion Coming in July

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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Publisher Perfect World and developer Cryptic Studios have something very exciting in store for the Star Trek Online community this summer. In order to celebrate the franchise’s 50th birthday, the free-to-play MMORPG is getting a huge expansion. The update that will transport players back to the timeline of the original television show from the 60s is scheduled to come out on July 6th. Agents of Yesterday allows the Star Trek Online community to meet many iconic characters from the series, including Montgomery Scott aka Scotty played by Chris Doohan, the son of James Doohan and Walter Koenig lending his voice for Chekov.

In the update, players will be able to command the classic starships such as the infamous Enterprise, Constitution-class ship. Of course it wouldn’t be an expansion if there wasn’t a plethora of new things to do. In Agents of Yesterday, players slip into the role of a Captain from the original Star Trek series and travel to distant places in the galaxy including Taurus VII and Edren, also known as the Gorn Rock Planet. The expansion features multiple episodes that gradually progress the story. Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have been rather quiet about the details of the plot and the entire cast of characters. This is supposed to change in the next few weeks, as more information will be released.

For now, the Star Trek Online community can take a peek at the first announcement trailer.

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