Star Trek Online: Server-Wide 6th Anniversary Event

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The free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online is celebrating its sixth birthday, and as a thank you to their loyal players, there are server-wide giveaways on top of the annual Anniversary Event. Let the festivities commence!

This is a huge milestone for Star Trek Online, and shows just how much support the game has had since it launched six years ago. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are thrilled to have had their player base and community for such a long time, and want to give something back to the community. The next update is bringing a brand new episode called “Time and Tide”, along with free things, new mini-games, and loads more.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Set Phasers to Giveaway

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without gifts! Players of Star Trek Online are going to get plenty of cool free stuff over the coming weeks. Between the 26th of January and the 1st of February, players can log on and collect free rewards from the in-game store every 24 hours. At the moment, the details of exactly what is going to be given away isn’t known, but we’re sure it will be something fitting for a 6th anniversary. In addition to all of the free items, Cryptic Studios has included some brand new missions and mini-games to keep players busy on their quests in the universe.

During the event, players can explore the galaxy and collect Omega particles. These particles can be used to buy Anniversary Prize Vouchers, 1000 of which can be traded for an exclusive Tier 6 Krenim Science Vessel. Fans of the MMORPG have a lot to look forward to over this anniversary period, so click the button below and head over to the main website to play the game for free.

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