Star Trek - Infinite Space: 3D Browser Game May Have Growing Pains

11/03/2011 11:14 am in News

After some of you may have already spent hours learning Klingon, it would be pretty disappointing if you never got to use it. However, it may be the case as publishers Gameforge are taking some time to decide whether or not the game will be launched.
Star Trek - Infinite Space

Star Trek - Infinite Space

Just recently, the hack 'n' slash title Mythos went offline, belonging to Gameforge’s parent company, Frogster Online Gaming. Then, just a few days later, another Gameforge title, Hellbreed, was scheduled to be shut down at the end of the month.

It may be the case that Star Trek – Infinite Space is up on the chopping block. However, it may also just be a case of growing pains and working out some internal issues before moving forward with the launch of such a large title.

Of course, no one has given any definitive answers regarding the fate of Star Trek – Infinite Space. Only time will tell whether or not the project will continue to be worked on or left to the wayside like a couple other of titles in recent weeks. Keep checking back for the latest info.

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