Star Trek - Infinite Space
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Star Trek - Infinite Space
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Star Trek - Infinite Space Description

Delve into and explore the mysterious Star Trek universe as you command your fleet, delegate tasks to your crew and complete quests, all whilst in the midst of a raging interstellar battle...


Star Trek – Infinite Space is an exciting online browser game that takes you to a cosmic and futuristic galaxy in the year 2370. You are a youthful and energetic wannabe space adventurer, Yuri, with a mission to find the mysterious epitaph relics. To do this you must face the dangers of interstellar battles and hidden pirate enemies along the way, where you often have no choice but to join the waging war between the planetary factions.

Star Trek – Infinite Space summons you to navigate your armed fleet of up to five impressive and customised starships through space, and delegate tasks to your crew as you chart your course through the universe and the connecting planets. By docking your starships at various planets your fleet and crew's vitality is automatically replenished. Beam down to these unique planets for the opportunity to join discussions with other players and purchase immortal blueprints at stores.

Based on the Star Trek television series The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, Star Trek – Infinite Space reunites you with all your favourite characters including the Romulans, Vulcans and Klingons. With a mix of game play styles, and contemporary Unity 3D graphics, this science fiction MMORPG is never short of action. Star Trek – Infinite Space includes realtime battles, engaging Anime style characters and a unique multi-layered galaxy map.

In Star Trek – Infinite Space, follow Captain Picard's footsteps as you take control of your enterprise, and join the quest through vast galaxies and cosmos in search of the prized epitaphs, whilst protecting your faithful crew and impressive fleet. Fight the evil empires and restore goodness to the universe.

by Kyle Hayth

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