Star Trek: Alien Domain
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Star Trek: Alien Domain
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Star Trek: Alien Domain Description

The Star Trek universe needs another hero and that might just be you. Prove your worth in online strategy battles by signing up for this browser game and build a futuristic kingdom fit for a true captain. Control your very own fleet of starships...


Next to Star Wars or Doctor Who, Star Trek is one of the biggest science-fiction franchises to take the world by storm. No matter which generation or installment is your favorite, diving into Star Trek: Alien Domain will surely quench your thirst for more intergalactic adventures and futuristic journeys. The browser game allows you to build your very own sci-fi empire entirely from scratch and work on strategies that will leave other Trekkies green with envy. Here, you get to explore new planetoids and conquer the online universe one step at a time. Let’s start at the beginning though!

Before you get to charge into battle and take on other players in Star Trek: Alien Domain, you will have to pick a faction to pledge loyalty to. Which side sounds more appealing to you - the United Federation or the Klingon Empire? Both choices are reasonable, just remember that once you decide on a faction, there’s no going back and everyone on the other team will immediately become the enemy. As you play through tutorial quests and fulfill easy breezy tasks, you gain experience points and collect simple rewards that will help you get started in the browser game. Use these materials wisely: Upgrade structures or research new technologies to slowly advance to the top...

Keeping a steady resource production going is the most important factor to winning in any strategy game, no matter whether it’s based on the Star Trek franchise or set in the Middle Ages. How else would you compete with other players and show them who’s boss? From recruiting new units to repairing damaged goods: Every little step in Star Trek: Alien Domain takes up in-game currency, so it’s time to stock up and keep your warehouses full at all times! Officers will lead flagships into warfare and help you battle the opposing faction in turn-based online strategy duels.

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