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Star Supremacy
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Star Supremacy Description

There is only one who can control the vast expanses of space and the stars that lie within. Can you become the commander necessary to complete such a daunting task?


Star Supremacy is a free-to-play, browser-based strategy game where your goal is gain ultimate control of the star systems in the galaxy. Only by building a strong military force, stable defenses and defeating your enemies will you be able to conquer your foes.

Starting with just a small home base in Star Supremacy, you will first have to gather resources and build new structures. By doing so, you will eventually be able to expand your empire across the stars. However, you must also upgrade your structures so that they work more effectively for you and produce the goods you need.

After you are ready to take the fight to your enemies, you can begin to create ships or even fleets in Star Supremacy. With many different designs, you can create a fleet that fits your strategy perfectly and allows you to defeat your enemies among the cosmos.

In Star Supremacy, you must also research new technologies for not only your ships but other uses as well. This will help you be ready to face any possible threat or challenge and give you the extra edge to come out on top when things begin to look bleak.

To help boost your economy, you can also utilize the automated trade routes in Star Supremacy. These trade routes remove the tedious manual operation with an easier, automatic one. The more you trade, the more income you can bring in, helping your cause.

Rise to the top and become the master of the galaxy in Star Supremacy, the free-to-play online strategy game. Create fleets and train powerful commanders to lead your troops into battle while constructing a powerful headquarters. You’re not the only one out in the darkness of space...

by Kyle Hayth

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