Star Stable: Top 5 Tips for Racing

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Tips for Star Stable

Tips for Star Stable

For those that don’t know, Star Stable is a free-to-play online Horse Stable simulator. You can race, improve your stable, and look after the day-to-day care of the horses.

Racing in the game is something that a lot of players enjoy, but don’t always know how to do well. Today we will be helping budding jockeys get the most out of their horses by giving you 5 Top Tips to improve when racing!

Top 5 Tips for Star Stable

Top 5 Tips

Use the Racing Gear

  • Before you head out to a race, especially some of the Championship ones, you’re going to want to put on some decent racing gear. Although looking fly on the back of your faithful steed is nice, it’s not going to help you win any races. Go through the inventory and pick some gear that will make you go faster.


  • Most of the tracks have shortcuts. Some are easier to find that others, but once you find one you’ll save a bit of time on each track. Another thing to remember is that jumping slows you down just a little bit, so don’t jump around too much.

Invest in Stats Correctly

  • When you get the option to boost stats, or need to choose the best horse for a race, remember that Speed and Swiftness is the best for winning races, closely followed by Agility and Discipline.


  • Every time your horse levels up, your player also gains improves stats. Keep hold of one horse to use for racing, that way you will stand a chance against the top players. If you have a level 2 or 3 horse you won’t do so well in races, even if you are a high level.

Practice Courses

  • Use your spare time to practice. See which gear works best for you, and try to find out which is the fastest route through the course. It might take a few attempts, but you’lll soon work out the best way to get your horse around the track.
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