Star Stable: A New Horse Arrives in the Paddock!

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Shire Horse now Available in Star Stable

Fans of the free-to-play game Star Stable are in for a treat, as a new Shire horse is now part of the Jorvik family. The new breed is available now in a brand new stable on Paddock Island and comes with a load of new horse gear!

A little while ago we mentioned that there would be a new addition to the Star Stable paddock in their latest update. Today we get some more news about the newest members of Paddock Island. The new Shire horse breed is now available in three different colors at the moment, and are currently the biggest type of horse available!

The Shire Horse comes in Three Different Colours

New Cosmetic Items

As with any Star Stable update, players of the free-to-play game are also getting a load of new gear and decorations at the mall. These new items are perfect for jazzing up the new Shire horse. As a little added extra, Star Stable Entertainment has opened the Horse Market at Jorvik Stables Arena, so head over there to find out more about the excitement going on in the new Shires.

Source: Official Website

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