Star Stable: Autumn Preview Shows Heaps of New Content

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Autumn Preview for Star Stable

A sneak peek of what’s to come has been showcased by the Star Stable developers. Lots of content, including new horses, for the free-to-play stable game.

Star Stable fans have quite a lot to look forward to, as this latest preview has a lot of fun and exciting content on its way to stables everywhere. There is a nice mix of new things to do in-game, along with loads of new items and new areas to explore. The developers released a teaser video showcasing a little addition to Star Stable:

Loads of New Content

As we have already mentioned, this horse and stable simulator is going to get some major changes in the future. Although the exact date is not yet known, we can still start to look forward to the promised additions and get ready for them to go live.

  • Lead Ropes: This is something that the community has been asking for in the last few months, and it has finally been included.
  • New Horses: There are two new horse breeds on their way, one of which is shown in the video above.
  • Seasonal Events: There will be events that go along with Halloween and Christmas each year.
  • New Area: Jorvik is getting a brand new area to explore! They can be seen in the screenshots below.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Star Stable is now four years old! To celebrate they are going to be releasing more information about the updates, and giving out exciting news on their YouTube and Twitter channel.

Source: Official Website

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