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Star Stable
What to expect:
  • Create your Own Stable for Free
  • Choose from Countless Different Horses
  • Take Part in Races and Show that Your Horse is the Best
  • Take Care of Your Horse Day-To-Day
  • Explore the Vast Online World
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Play Star Stable with Your Friends!

On the back of a noble steed you can experience an exciting and fun adventure in an expansive 3D world.


If you are a fan of the four-legged companions known as horses, you have certainly found your online world in Star Stable. In this horse game, you have an endless number of horses available to you. Alongside your faithful companion, you embark on great adventures, discovering every nook and cranny in the expansive online environment.

In Star Stable, you find yourself on the wonderful island of Jorvik. Snow crested mountains, mysterious caves, idyllic towns, and massive forests are just waiting to be discovered by you and your equine friend. The well-being of your horse is the focus of the online game. Day for day, you will have to care for your companion which you get to create yourself at the beginning of the role-playing title. Along with your horse, you can take part in races and try to take the first-place spot. Countless competitions are available in Star Stable and along with some practice and hard work, you could win them all!

During your island adventures, you will be able to accept various tasks that you will have to complete. If you manage to master these various challenges, you will almost certainly secure your place in the horse world. Again and again you can improve your standing and unlock new, useful items for your horse. You can improve the fitness and abilities of your horse by regularly training, which will make it easier to take on even bigger challenges that stand before you in Star Stable. In the Riders Club, you can join up with other players. If you wish to unlock all features and areas of the online game, you will have to subscribe to the title. As a “Star Rider”, you can take part in group tasks and complete daily challenges, as well as entry to the Arena.

While the game focuses on taking care of your horse first and foremost, it expands that experience by allowing you to explore the vast online world and complete quests. The first five levels of Star Stable are for free, but the additional content needs to be purchased.

by Kyle Hayth

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Star Stable Tips & Tricks

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