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Star of Heroes
What to expect:
  • More than 40 Heroes to Collect
  • Every Character Has Unique Abilities
  • You Choose Your Faction and Head into PvP Duels
  • Dungeons with NPC Enemies
  • A Colorful Anime World in Your Browser
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  • PvP
  • PvE
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Play Star of Heroes and Lead Heroes into Battle

In the browser based roleplaying game Star of Heroes, you will go up against other players with the help of an army of heroes.


In Star of Heroes, two inimical factions battle it out against each other in a colorful anime world. You decide which side you want to represent! Will it be the Sentinel or the Scourge? Once you decide, you will do everything in your power to support your allies in war. In contrast to many other MMORPGs, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one hero. You will be able to take control of a team of more than 40 heroes, each with their own specific abilities and strengths. On their own, they will not be able to make a big difference, but as a team they will be invincible, as long as you know how to optimally make use of them.

Collect Heroes in Star of Heroes and Improve Your Team

Each hero in Star of Heroes has their very specific role to fulfil, as you might be familiar with from similar games. The browser game features very resilient tanks such as the “Captain” or “Skele King”. They are almost invincible and are best positioned at the forefront of a battle, while less resilient mages such as “Death Seer” or assassins prefer attacking from a safe distance. Don’t underestimate their attack power, however, as they will deal a lot of damage. Naturally, Star of Heroes also features support heroes that will strengthen their allies with healing spells.

On the battlefield, you will go up against other players in Star of Heroes, but in the various dungeons, you will battle it out against AI enemies. Over the course of the RPG, you will gradually gain more experience, loot, and unlock new heroes which will add new layers of strategic options to your game. Additionally, the browser based game allows you to improve each individual hero by using runes to change their abilities and stats.

Star of Heroes is available for free in the browser of your choice. All you need to do to delve into this anime world is register an account. With a working internet connection, you will be able to play the game at any computer you like.

Star of Heroes Screenshots

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