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Star Conflict
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Star Conflict Description

Become the captain of a spaceship and immerse yourself in this dynamic MMO space shooter. Fight in high-adrenalin intergalactic skirmishes as you navigate your way through the galaxy with a heavily armed fleet of warships.


3000 years have passed since humans first broke free from the grip of earth’s gravity and began exploring the possibility of interplanetary space travel. Now the galaxy is divided into militant star empires and independent mercenary groups, which seek to kill the conflicting factions in the human and subhuman races.

Star Conflict is a free-to-play MMO game in which you explore the galaxy in a spaceship, with the hope of finding valuable resources for your fleet.You can play as one of three factions: Empire, Federation, and Jericho. Each class of humans has their own characteristics with unique abilities in battle and in other aspects of the game.

Similar to other space shooters, like DarkOrbit and Empire Universe 3, this game allows you to develop a fleet of space vessels with which you use use to fight. Control your fleet as you wage war with your enemies, navigating your way around an explosive war zone. Travel to numerous locations across the galaxy by going through a ‘jump gate' that will throw you into PvP and PvE battles. Complete quests and gain valuable resources which you can use to enhance your fleet.

There are many different space ships to choose from, each with individual pros and cons. Choose to fly in a nimble jet and stealthily scope out your enemies before launching a full blown attack. Or choose to go forth into battle in a huge, imposing warship that is heavily armed with rockets, bombs, and lasers.

Furthermore, this free-to-play download game invites you to explore numerous different sectors within the galaxy. Journey through Pandora, a star that is oozing with red hot lava and shoots solar flares into the sky. Or navigate your fleet around the Devils Jaw, a notoriously difficult place to journey through with floating rocky mountains and an extremely harsh climate. There’s no guarantee that you will make it out alive as this mysterious region of the galaxy has lain waste to most ships that have entered its atmosphere.

Star Conflict Screenshots

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