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Star Colony
What to expect:
  • Build a Colony on a Distant Planet
  • Many Different Units for Battle
  • Fight against Other Players and Aliens
  • Found or Join Clans
  • Browser Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Online Games
  • Post-Apocalyptic
Age group

Play Star Colony for Free and Conquer Foreign Planets

Build a thriving colony on a distant planet and fight against inimical aliens! Become a strategic leader in the free-to-play browser game Star Colony.


What would happen if one day in the future, planet Earth would become uninhabitable? What if a nuclear war breaks out and destroys major cities? Air pollution would increase, and life on Earth as we know it today would become virtually impossible. Maybe we would live like in Pixar’s animated movie “WALL·E” and spend our time on a gigantic spaceship, gaining weight and waiting for the day that we could return to our planet? What if we are more active than that? What if we choose to leave our mistakes and our past behind and search for a brand new planet instead? In the free-to-play strategy game Star Colony, humankind decides on the latter option. They find the far-away galaxy called Tau Ceti, which features an Earth-like planet called Terra Sperata where the human race starts anew.

Build a New World in a Distant Galaxy in Star Colony

Naturally, things are not quite as easy as that. In Star Colony, you slip into the role of the leader of a group of colonists, whose goal it is to establish a thriving settlement. As in every good building simulation, you need to collect resources, build all kinds of buildings, and make sure that your settlement successfully grows and expands. Life in a new part of the universe is not quite as peaceful as you would hope. There are many other players in this virtual world, who are striving for power. Just like you, they want to become the leader of Terra Sperata. You have no choice but to make sure that your base features the necessary means of defense. Additionally, you will focus on recruiting troops to attack other players when need be.

Other players don’t always have to be inimical though. You can also team up with others and found clans. Sometimes, it just makes more sense to team up against certain enemies. Don’t forget that the alien races called The Swarm and The Ancients are also out for the human race. These aggressive species want to defeat all humans on Terra Sperata. If you are successful enough and manage to defeat the wild creatures, you might even be able to found yet another colony on the planet of the Swarm in Star Colony.

Star Colony Screenshots

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