Spooky Pop: Going Offline in One Month

02/10/2015 06:49 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrain GamesFun Games

Almost exactly two months ago, the guys and girls over at Supercell (the studio behind Clash of Clans) soft-launched their upcoming match-3 action game called Spooky Pop. Soft-launching in the world of mobile games is comparable to beta testing in PC games. A limited group of players gets to check out and test the new app. Usually, this results in a smooth launch a few weeks later. That’s why many players view a soft-launch as an unnecessary step before a game can actually be released. Supercell however proved that there are also a few times when a these early launches prove that things are just not working out. 
Spooky Pop

Spooky Pop

The studio announced that it is pulling the plug on Spooky Pop’s development. Supercell felt like the match-3 app simply didn’t live up to their standards of quality resulting in rather short-term fun. If there’s one thing the team takes pride in, it’s releasing games that will captivate their players for a very long time.

What does this mean for players who have been able to download Spooky Pop during its soft-launch? They will not be able to make any micro-transactions anymore. The app will finally shut down on March 10th. 

Source: Official game forum
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