Spooky Pop: New Supercell Game Soft Launches

12/03/2014 09:47 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsFun GamesBrain Games

Spooky Pop

Spooky Pop

It seems to be the day of announcing new mobile games published by major studios. After we’ve already reported on the newest puzzle quiz by Electronic Arts and PopCap called Peggle Blast, we learned that Supercell also has a new project in store for their community. The new match-3 and adventure game mash-up is called Spooky Pop. The brain game has soft launched in Canada introducing a first collection of screenshots and artwork. 

It is still surprising how varied the mobile gaming industry can be. Sometimes, titles are released without having been announced beforehand. At other times, they are soft launched, which is like a beta phase where the games are only released in specific regions. And very rarely, they are announced and teased long before they actually come out. 
Spooky Pop will feature a mix between match-3 gameplay and more action-oriented aspects. Matching three stones of the same color will allow the respective character to attack the pesky ghosts that are haunting the peaceful neighborhood of this game. The screen is split into two parts, whereby the lower part is dedicated to the puzzle quiz and the upper part to the battlefield. 

From what we can tell, Spooky Pop looks like it will shape up to be quite the addictive casual game. We will keep you posted. 

Source: iTunes Canada
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