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Spooky Pop
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Spooky Pop Description

What happens when you combine a puzzle quiz with an adventure game? Find out in Supercell’s spooky endeavor. You can play it on your Android and iOS devices entirely for free…


The folks over at Supercell are known for their fun games Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Both titles have given the free-to-play mobile gaming industry quite the push in recent years. The studio's next endeavor is called Spooky Pop and it transports you to an all new setting in a small town neighborhood that is being haunted by ghosts. Join the group of teenage students and their nutty teacher as they go on a challenging adventure to destroy all those pesky ghosts. Naturally, friends facing haunted spirits and monsters wouldn’t be complete without their anthropomorphous pet dog.

Not only the setting of Spooky Pop is completely different from the barbarian times of Clash of Clans or the farm setting of Hay Day. The entire gameplay is unique and fresh. Especially if you’re a fan of action-packed fun games that combine brain-power with fighting evil, you should take a closer look at this mobile game. Spooky Pop has a unique puzzle gameplay whose main purpose is to load your characters’ weapons. Yup, you don’t have to combine stones merely for the sake of destroying them.

The screen of each level is split into two parts. The upper part is dedicated to your heroes who are opposite to a horde of ghosts. Each character has a certain number of lives. The lower part is dedicated to up to five differently colored stones. In a gameplay that is similar to match-3 games, you will combine stones of the same color to destroy them. Each character is linked to one of the colored stones. Destroying stones of a certain color means that the respective unit will be able to attack the monsters in their lane. Beware, as these ghostly creatures will fight back. Make sure to match the right stones in order to protect the character who is most in need first.

Spooky Pop is a unique take on brain games adding an action-packed layer to the gameplay. The app is available for free for all iOS and Android devices.

Spooky Pop Screenshots

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