SpongeBob Moves In: Valentine’s Day Carnival Is Coming to Town

02/05/2015 05:16 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsSimulationStrategy

Love is in the air (or should we say in the water?) in Bikini Bottom. Valentine’s Day is coming up, in case you haven’t noticed. There are heart-shaped chocolates, balloons, and lots of pink cards everywhere you look. Even the preferred mobile world of your choice is likely to turn all butterflies and rainbows for a while. In SpongeBob Moves In, the Valentine’s Day Carnival is coming to town - a cause for celebration, excitement, and fun content.
Appropriate for the update, the anthropomorphic sponge has put on a toga (or is it a cloth-diaper?) and taken on the role of Cupid, complete with angel’s wings and a heart-shaped arrow and bow. The protagonist of the city building game is not the only one to get a special Valentine’s Day costume.

Aside from fancy new attires, the update also brings a carnival to Bikini Bottom which players should build to unlock many new decorations and quests. The central quest line revolves around Plankton. Will he be able to get the Krabby Patty recipe? 
Click the green button below and update SpongeBob Moves In for free in order to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit! 

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