SpongeBob Moves In: Plankton Moves In - Game Update

01/13/2015 04:49 am by William Hankin in NewsSimulationStrategy

SpongeBob Moves In

SpongeBob Moves In

Sheldon. J. Plankton, otherwise known as Plankton, has just made his way to Bikini Bottom in this fun town building simulation game. This free-to-play update will bring the microscopic organism into the lives of SpongeBob and the other characters. He might be hard to see, what with being microscopic and all, but don’t be fooled by his minuscule size because this little crustacean packs a mighty punch and is likely to change the face of Bikini Bottom for good!
Like other such games, namely The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, this free-to-play title aims to bring the characters of the underwater cartoon to life on our mobile devices, along with all the humor of the original SpongeBob Square Pants franchise. Each update includes a new character with their respective storylines for us to play, and this time we can play as the meddling little creature, Plankton. 
Take over the Chum Bucket as you send Plankton on a variety of quests, usually involving his archenemy, Mr Krabs! Will you be able to help this cute but deadly creature get his claws on the famously tasty Krabby Patty and its secret formula?

Stay tuned for more SpongeBob Moves In news!

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