Spirit Guardian: Vanguard Rush
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Spirit Guardian: Vanguard Rush
What to expect:
  • Challenge Your Friends Online
  • Over 70 unique Heroes to Collect
  • Fast-Paced Fighting Action
  • 3D Graphics on your Mobile Device
  • Completely Free-to-Play and Download
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  • Online Games
  • iOS
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  • RPG
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Play Spirit Guardian for Free on Your Android or iOS Device

Crush your enemies with might and magic in the free-to-play action RPG for iOS and Android, Spirit Guardian. Battle enemies in real time 3D action.


Spirit Guardian offers players an immersive RPG experience, while at the same time being very easy to pick up at leisure and play on a more casual basis. The game was designed to cater to all kinds of different players, so there’s something for everyone in this free-to-play roleplaying game.

Complete Control

You have complete control over your character, which means that you’re going to need all the skill that you have to avoid deadly attacks from bosses, land tricky skillshots, and get in the right position for the battle at hand. The control over your character makes the full-screen effects all the more satisfying , especially when it has taken some skill to damage your foe.

Adapt Your Strategy to Succeed

Strategy plays a vital role in this fantasy game. You can’t defeat your enemies without being flexible with your tactics. You must use all of the tricks and skills in your arsenal if you want to conquer your enemies and achieve victory. There is never one clear way to victory; there are often multiple different paths you can take to win, and different situations will call for very different approaches. Players need to learn which strategy will be the winning one.

Affinity System

The elemental affinity system adds a new level of gameplay. You have to tailor your squad from hundreds of possible heroes to make the optimal team to take down your foe. Each hero has a number of strengths and weaknesses, and they rely on having a well-rounded team of allies to back them up if needed. The affinity system is a way to easily see which heroes compliment other heroes, and what their individual weaknesses are. The action packed battles are only half of the gameplay. Half of the battle is fought and won through building the perfect team.

Spirit Guardian will be available for free on iOS and Android. Follow the link below to take a closer look at the game on the official game homepage!

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