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Spiral Knights
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Spiral Knights Description

You have crashed on an alien world and your starship is no longer able to fly. You are not alone, but this world is teeming with powerful creatures and full of hidden dangers...


Spiral Knights is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes you to the distant planet of Cradle. You must find the necessary gear to survive and begin your adventure to the core. Fight alongside hundreds of other players in an ever-changing world that is full of surprises.

You will start your journey in an old mining town known as Haven. Here you will be able to trade you goods, purchase new weapons and meet other Knights to go adventuring with. It will act as your headquarters and will provide a place for you to rest after intense action.

Spiral Knights features an ever-changing world that is full of mystery and high-adventure. As you venture deep under the surface of Cradle, you will experience the Clockworks. This area is home to many dangers creatures, wonderful treasures and pieces of strange worlds. To enter this strange place, you can create a gate at the Arcade. No two gates are ever the same and will open in a new place of the Clockworks every time.

However, the most dangerous of all places on this strange planet is deep beneath the surface, past the Clockworks and there, something is waiting. The Core has been sending out mysterious energy signals and if you are brave enough can venture to this unknown place to experience a new level of challenges.

The fate of the Spiral Knights is uncertain after landing on the mysterious planet of Cradle. Your ship can no longer leave the planet and so you are stranded. Take on challenges that will pit you against powerful creatures and take you to strange places as you venture through the world. Perhaps you will be the one to journey to the core and discover the source of the energy source...

by Kyle Hayth

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