Spider-Man: Unlimited
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Spider-Man: Unlimited
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Spider-Man: Unlimited Description

Test your spidey senses as you engage in fast paced superhero action in this free-to-play mobile game. Expect sweaty palms as you speed through this comic book adventure featuring Spiderman and his race to defeat his enemies.


Spider-Man: Unlimited brings you Marvel comic inspired graphics as you sprint through increasingly difficult levels to defeat your enemies. This free-to-play mobile game takes you through the city of New York, Peter Parker’s hometown, as you swing, slide, jump and roll through an endless stream of obstacles. Aim for the yellow vials and wind your way around lasers, robots, villains and sci-fi structures, whilst witnessing an epic cataclysm unfold around you.

This free-to-play mobile game takes you through an episodic adventure inspired by the Marvel comic. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, here's the gist of it. Peter Parker (Spider-Man’s secret identity) became half-human half-spider when he was bitten by a mutant arachnid, turning him into the superhuman Spider-Man. This gave rise to his spidey powers such as the ability to traverse vertical walls and jump from extreme heights with ease. Not forgetting his most renowned superpower, the ability to eject spider silk from his wrists allowing him to swing like Tarzan from building to building.

As the levels progress in this endless runner, so does the speed and the distance that you have to run in order to reach and defeat the villain. What is more, expect to see new obstacles and gain new abilities as you use your protagonist's superhuman strength to blast through enemy defenses. You will also be able to play as different mutations of the famous hero, including Iron Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir, each with their own unique features.

In Spider-Man Unlimited, which is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, you will see famous villains including the Green Goblin and Electro who all have unique attacks and forms of maneuverability that you must learn to avoid. Plus, you also get to see other famous Marvel Comic characters such as Spider-Man’s life long crush, MaryJane.

by William Hankin

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