Sphira: Warrior's Dawn: Gameforge Announces New Free-to-Play MMORPG for 2011

03/02/2011 03:54 am in News

German online games publishers Gameforge have announced their plans to launch a client-based MMORPG in late 2011. Sphira: Warrior's Dawn is a free-to-play game that will challenge players to complete over 1,400 quests and battle fierce enemies in dungeons and on the battlefield.
Sphira: Warrior's Dawn

Sphira: Warrior's Dawn

Already a lot of browser and client-based online games in their portfolio, Gameforge (Metin2, Ikariam) is ready to bring a new MMORPG to online gamers. Sphira: Warrior's Dawn. It is planned to arrive in English to America and the UK as well as a German client in late 2011. In addition to the two release languages (English and German), Gameforge plans to also launch the game in Spain, France and Italy in early 2012.

Sphira: Warrior's Dawn features both player versus environment and player versus player combat systems. It will put you on the frontlines of a war that has lasted for what seems like forever and you can join with one of 12 guilds to fight for supremacy over the land. Experience the thrill of the fight against ferocious monsters in dungeons and open environments as you travel through the world. You can take on other players in arena type challenges or battle it out with other guilds to show you are the most powerful of them all.

Source: Press release, game homepage
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