Sphira: Warrior's Dawn
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Sphira: Warrior's Dawn
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Sphira: Warrior's Dawn Description

In this MMORPG players join an epic battle in an intricate fantasy world, where they must overthrow their enemies in the name of peace, loyalty and honor...


Sphira: Warrior's Dawn is a 3D client-based role-playing game in which you descend into a detailed faraway world where legions are in an ongoing intense battle for control. Sphira, the wise guardian angel of the vast space between life and death, holds the key to your success in the online fantasy game. Show enough respect and gratitude for the wise angel, and she will help protect you as you roam the lands, and give you strength and courage to rush into battle.

The client game Sphira: Warrior's Dawn has over 1.000 different quests you can embark on. These quests will provide you with invaluable in-game experience, insight into the game storyline and the opportunity to collect precious items and rewards to help prepare your character for battle. Upon starting the game you personalize your very own character with which you will roam the world. Choose from one of several factions and be prepared to loyally fight to the death for your nation.

You will then embark on an adventure through the realms of the Sphira world, exploring the land, participating in intense PvP and faction vs. faction battles in the name of your legacy. Fight alone or as part of a powerful guild – the decision is yours. In the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Sphira: Warrior's Dawn there are hundreds of achievements to be obtained, ensuring you are constantly and progressively challenged. Become a hero as you gallantly take on your opponents in the client-based fantasy game Sphira.

by Kyle Hayth

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