Weekly Update: Of Dinosaurs and Limbless Heroes

11/21/2015 04:00 am by Marcel Wuttig in Specials

Another week has gone by and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Anyone else looking forward to some yummy turkey on Thursday? The week has been rather slow in terms of announcements, but there have been some updates here and there. We’re sure, this is the calm before the storm, as we are bound to get a plethora of Christmas related events soon. Until then, here’s what happened in the last seven days in the online and mobile gaming world.


There was one announcement last week that pleasantly surprised us. Whitebox Interactive announced that they were working on a MOBA set in the Warhammer 40.000 franchise. Players will soon be able to battle it out against each other choosing characters from the iconic Space Marines, Space Orks, and Tau armies. Dark Nexus Arena will be available for free on PC some time next year.

Testing Phases

Hi-Rez Studios is busy developing its next big online game. Paladins is eagerly anticipated by many players. Last week, some selected players were already able to delve into the FPS, as the upcoming free-to-play game went into its closed beta.

Paladins Started Its Closed Beta

Upcoming Releases

Rayman Adventures has been available on Apple TV for a few weeks. Now, Ubisoft finally revealed that the platformer would launch for smartphones and tablets on December 3rd. The jump and run game will be available for free.

Game Updates

Last week also brought many exciting game updates to free-to-play online games and mobile games. We want to point out two. Neverwinter got a massive new expansion called Underdark, which brought a lot of exciting new content to the MMORPG.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 got a new world that transports players to the Jurassic period. The Jurassic Marsh features dinosaurs!

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