Weekly Update: A New Free-to-Play Fighting Game

11/07/2015 04:00 am by Marcel Wuttig in Specials

Check out Brawhalla!

Check out Brawhalla!

We are now in what we here at like to consider the eye of the hurricane. It is deceivingly quiet out there – publishers are holding back with releasing game updates and events. It’s that time between Halloween and Christmas where studios are preparing themselves for the season of all seasons. Let’s not get into that quite yet however, as we will have more than enough to write about X-Mas in a few weeks. For now, let’s concentrate on some new releases and announcements from last week.

New Announcements

This should come as a delightful announcement to all players of Titanfall on Xbox One. Nexon and Respawn Entertainment are teaming up to develop and publish a few Titanfall games for mobile devices. The first one is already scheduled to come out early next year. It seems like the guys behind the sci-fi game are really trying to create a franchise.

Testing Phases

This one came out of nowhere! Brawhalla came completely out of left field for us here at The free-to-play online game is a side-scrolling fighting game that feels a little like a retro-meets-Smash-Bros. hybrid. Blue Mammoth Games’ brawler game has started its open beta.


Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner

Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner

Two major mobile games were released last week. Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner is a match-3 game set in the Anno 2205 universe (no pun intended). Players can transfer resources collected in the mobile game to their PC game. Blossom Blast Saga is the latest match-3 game by King, released for iOS and Android devices.

Game Updates

Forge of Empires got a major expansion that added a new era to the real time strategy game. Players can now explore the future in the browser based RTS.

Riot Games is currently preparing for its next season, as the current one is winding down. Players will be confronted with a lot of major changes next year, including client changes, mastery and marksmen changes, and social changes to name a few.

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