Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor
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Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor
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Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor Description

Part strategy game, part card game: This free gaming app sends you back to when the Spartan army ruled the world and burly soldiers were at the top of the food chain. Fill your storage with resources and engage in tactical battles against other players...


While history nerds have geeked out over Spartan culture for decades, the ancient city-state of Sparta has risen to fame and glory in 2007 thanks to Zack Snyder’s movie adaptation of the graphic novel "300". Buff soldiers, skimpy loin cloths and roaring battle cries: These warriors are not to be underestimated and make up your main source of power in Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor. Here, you become a commander that’s destined to dominate the world, continent by continent. Collect resources, build a vast empire and worship Greek gods to achieve victory once and for all!

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor is a mobile game that is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices. In the beginning, you will collect materials and set up a camp. Don’t worry about getting sucked into the daily grind of gathering resources though! It won’t take long until before you can train your very own units. Once you have a formidable army to do your bidding, it will be time to head out into the world of this strategy game and wreak havoc. You start by taking over nearby encampments and battling easy opponents. Just to get a feel for the game, you know? Taking on other commanders in player-versus-player battles requires strength, nerves of steel, and foolproof tactics.

Chances are that if you are well-versed in the art of diplomacy, other players will seek out your alliance and join your ranks just within days of signing up for Spartan Wars. You will never be alone in this free mobile game, no matter which time of day you decide to log in. Why? Because gods like Zeus or Poseidon can be summoned to aid your army in battle. Their superhuman powers will certainly give you an edge over opposing forces when triggered at the right moment. Add new deities to your roster of divine champions by adding new cards to your collection...

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