Sparta: War of Empires
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Sparta: War of Empires
What to expect:
  • Build an ancient city in the free simulation
  • Lead your city-state to victory
  • Wisely manage your resources and allow your city-state to flourish
  • Build a strong army to defend yourself against inimical attacks
  • Draft agreements with other cities
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  • PvP
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  • Ancient World
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Experience Ancient Battles in the Strategy Game, Sparta: War of Empires

Charge into battle with the help of King Leonidas and his troops to take out Xerxes once and for all in Sparta: War of Empires!


Greece is being attacked by Xerxes and his army of Persian soldiers. Are you strong enough to take on this unstoppable force and build a new empire in this free-to-play strategy game? The first step to being a fearless leader is to actually recruit enough units that will keep you safe from anyone that is trying to undermine your authority. Keep an eye on valuable resource camps within and around your headquarters, as they are needed to grow, expand and rule. Only with mountains of treasure under your belt can you convince other players to join your cause and repel enemy forces. Staying in touch with friends is a good way to quickly climb the official ranking in Sparta: War of Empires. Why? Because that will scare off other players that are either on their own or part of an inferior alliance.

This is your chance to rewrite history and rise to new power in an online universe ruled by greed, violence and two-faced diplomats ready to rip your legacy to pieces. Don’t just trust anyone you meet in Sparta: War of Empires, as only time will tell if you can trust them or not. The only people that will always be loyal to you are the people living within the walls of your kingdom. Here, you have units ranging from simple workers to Macedonian cavalry. Keep in mind that in this MMORTS, each and every troop has different attributes to bring to the battlefield. It’s your goal to mix and match until you come up with the most withstanding combination of offensive and defensive warriors.

Sparta, Xerxes, Greece: Does all of this sound familiar to you? Well, of course it does if you have seen 300, the movie made by Zack Snyder. Instead of simply watching King Leonidas fight for his freedom, you will turn into one of his acolytes in Sparta: War of Empires. As his most promising prospect, you are asked to join the raging war and restore peace to the people of Greece.

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