SpaceTrek - The New Empire
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SpaceTrek - The New Empire
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SpaceTrek - The New Empire Description

Find your place in a world where thousands of opponents are already lurking. It’s your task to build spaceships and protect your colonies. Brace yourself for grim space battles...


Space Trek: The New Empire is a browser-based strategy game that can be played without any downloads. The game takes you into a futuristic world in which you occupy colonies, trade with your neighbors or wage war.

It is possible to play Space Trek: The New Empire for many years and still continue climbing up in the rankings. New users do have the same chances to gain a good position as long-established players.

Now, about your everyday life in Space Trek: The New Empire. First and foremost it is important to gradually gain more and more fame and prestige. You can earn it by winning wars, occupying colonies, and trading wisely.

Also, you can try the “bashing" tactic, but it should not become your main strategy. Your victim could retaliate, after all. And since you are only allowed to attack advanced players, you should first consider carefully whether you actually have a chance to beat them.

In SpaceTrek: The New Empire you also own a spaceship, of course, which has to be kept in good shape. Besides that, you always construct buildings of different sorts and slowly get used to the life on another planet.

by Kyle Hayth

SpaceTrek - The New Empire Screenshots

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