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SpaceInvasion Description

The universe may soon be yours. Build colonies, become the admiral of your own powerful fleet and let nothing stand in the way of expanding your space empire...


In SpaceInvasion you play the role of a commander of a major space power. You explore uninhabited planets and establish colonies.

But your work will not go undisturbed. Sooner or later, you will be attacked and forced to deal with many enemies. You will need a good strategy and special tactics to eliminate your enemies. Send your Bomber Wing out into the universe to colonize new planets and to mine natural resources.

With the right fleet and defense strategy in place, you can now concentrate on creating industrial infrastructure. Build arms factories and defense bases to protect your colonies. Spy missions regularly inform you about the latest plans of your opponents so you can prepare yourself against them.

Whether you are playing as a lone warrior or ally yourself with other players’ forces is entirely up to you. If you want to become the most powerful admiral, you have to keep everything in sight. Try to use your resources wisely and maintain your weapons regularly. You also need to update your defenses on a regular basis.

Attack and defense will be part of the game from the beginning. If you want to survive in SpaceInvasion, you have to expect anything and must not shrink from the difficult missions and battles awaiting you.

by Kyle Hayth

SpaceInvasion Screenshots

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