Space Pioneers 2
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Space Pioneers 2
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Space Pioneers 2 Description

Be transported into the deep realms of outer space, as you strive to create the biggest, strongest and most efficient empire of all time, by mining, expanding new technologies and waging wars...


In Space Pioneers 2 it is your mission to create an impressive empire with a powerful fleet of modern space ships, using your resources to mine for precious minerals. Strive to rule the universe using your tactical, strategic, economic and combative skills.

Space Pioneers 2 follows a similar theme to its predecessor in that it combines elements of building, strategy and war, all in a faraway intergalactic setting. Use your building skills to construct a variety of structures including intricate powerful mines, research plants, productive factories, and complex industrial buildings. Use your mines to locate rare minerals, gems and other space artefacts. Use these resources to trade with other players on the market, or to improve the quality of your own structures.

In Space Pioneers 2 undertake ground-breaking research into new technologies that will help to improve the construction of new buildings as well as space ships. Start with a basic space ship and strive to construct, develop and command a sizeable fleet of space ships. Use your fleet for the transportation of your mined resources, or even to launch unprecedented attacks on neighbouring player’s empires. Though war is not a necessary part of Space Pioneers 2, it will certainly help you in gaining further resources and working towards the ultimate goal of ruling the universe. But do ensure that your defences are prepared for attacks from other players by increasing your military strength.

Space Pioneers 2 is a free to play browser game that combines a number of exciting features and really tests your skills and abilities. Take your fleet into battle, mine for precious materials and govern the most affluent empire of outer space.

by Kyle Hayth

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