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What to expect:
  • A Profound Story in a Huge Anime-World
  • More than 100 Dungeons in the PvE-Area
  • Special PvP Zones for Multiplayer Battles
  • Guilds and Shared Houses
  • Crafting System to Create Items
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  • Gameforge
  • PvP
  • PvE
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Play SoulWorker for Free – An Action MMORPG with Anime Graphics

Delve into a post-apocalyptic world in the free-to-play roleplaying game SoulWorker! Fight for your survival in PvE and PvP matches.


The free-to-play MMORPG SoulWorker brings you on a dangerous journey through an anime-world where you have to fight for your survival. You are one of several SoulWorkers, who are struggling for existence in various locations across this post-apocalyptic world. Not only are you doing your best to fight against hordes of enemies including horrifying beasts from other dimensions, but you are also taking on a private military conglomerate that is trying to wipe out what is left of humanity.

An Emotional Choice in the Anime Game

Like many other roleplaying games, SoulWorker allows you to choose a class for your character. Before you jump to quick conclusions, you should know that these classes are truly unique. You won’t find mages, warriors, or assassins in the anime game. Instead, you can choose more innovative classes such as the Howling Guitar who uses a magical guitar to attack enemies and heal allies. The other three classes available at launch are the Mist Scythe, Soulum Sword, and Gun Jazz. Each one has its very own attacks, abilities, and weaknesses. Additionally, emotions and feelings play a big role in SoulWorker. You get to choose a defining emotion such as revenge or madness for your character. This choice will define their class and their weapon.

Conquer Dungeons and Dominate in the PvP Zone in SoulWorker

There are lots of challenges in SoulWorker. If you are looking for some diverse single-player content, you can delve into more than 100 PvE dungeons where you get to fight against gigantic creatures and brutal bosses. If you prefer connecting with other players, you can explore the various PvP zones where you play with and against other players. District 6 is particularly dangerous because you will face inimical players as well as monsters and a difficult boss in the middle of the stage.

As a well-rounded roleplaying game, SoulWorker has more to offer than fast paced action. Players can team up in guilds, buy property that they can customize just the way they want, and craft their very own items using blueprints. There is a wealth of content to explore in the free-to-play MMORPG published by Gameforge.

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