Soul of the Ultimate Nation
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Soul of the Ultimate Nation
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Soul of the Ultimate Nation Description

Conquer new territory, spark riotous battles and pave a golden path to victory in this fantasy-themed client game. Build up a powerful hero and roam the mystical land, seeking adventure.


In Soul of the Ultimate Nation you are taken into a mythological world, full of dark corners, mysterious creatures, and villages to explore. You start your adventure in the villages of Tringel or Waldchen. Tringel is a mysterious city fortified by the allied forces of Roshuel, and Waldchen is an army post for the forces of the revolution located in the centre of a spiritual forest. Both villages have places of interest including general stores, battle zones and places for crafting and equipment enhancement. The imaginative realms of Soul of the Ultimate Nation have unique back-stories, mysteries and legends for you to uncover.

Adopt a hero from one of four character classes in Soul of the Ultimate Nation, including the Valkyrie, the Berserker, the Dragon Knight and the Elementalist. The Valkyrie is swift, powerful and is generally the supporting character in battle. The Berserker has a lot of strength and endurance and can bring down his opponents with one powerful blow. The Dragon Knight is a master of the sword, speedy in combat, and can wield the true power of the dragon to overthrow his enemies. The Elementalist is the chief mage and uses the mystical power of wisdom and spirit to cast spells on her opponents in battle.

There are several forms of combat in Soul of the Ultimate Nation, including dangerous missions, hunting adventures, PvP duels, exciting events and large-scale battles. You can customize various aspects of the battles, including the map, the difficulty, the number of participants and the reward type, ensuring you are never unfairly overwhelmed, but always able to be challenged and level up.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a mysterious MMORPG taking players into a dangerous world full of endless sieges, fights and barrages. Fight for your clan or fight for yourself as you unlock the mysteries of this ancient world.

by Kyle Hayth

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