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Soul Master
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Soul Master Description

A mighty war is raging between the Holy Empire, the Harmony Tribe and the Valiant Empire, in the world of Elamond. Help free the citizens of the fear and terror that reigns in this client game...


Soul Master is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) set in the fantasy world of Elamond. War reigns over the continent in the ultimate struggle for territory control. You participate in endless PvE missions and heavy PvP combat. Missions include strengthening Training Missions, dangerous Field and Missions and blood tingling Boss Missions.

In addition to this, you are summoned to participate in challenging quests handed out by NPCs in Soul Master. There is also a variety of PvP tournaments available to partake in, including Team vs Team, Free for All and Duels. It is important you choose the appropriate level difficulty when entering a PvP tournament to ensure your chance at victory.

There are six quirky anime-style character classes to choose from in the client game Soul Master including the Knight, the Priest, the Bearcat, the Slayer, the Chrisnian and the Maharite. The Knight is a balanced melee fighter, skilled in the offensive. The Priest is loyal, speedy and proficient in healing themselves and others. The Bearcat sets traps and obstacles for his enemies, and uses stealth to move quickly in and out of the frontline. The Slayer is incredibly powerful and she uses the might of the two-handed sword to slay whoever is in her way. The Chrisnian is fanatical, fast and deadly, and the Maharite reins the powers of nature to kill her adversaries.

Gameplay in the client game Soul Master is control-driven and action-oriented, all run on a 3D graphics engine. The MMORTS Soul Master has an independent trooping system, resource-driven RTS and intricate animation, giving you a rich online game experience.

by Kyle Hayth

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