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Soul Hunters
What to expect:
  • More than 80 Different Types of Heroes
  • Various PvP Game Modes
  • Fight against Friends via Bluetooth
  • Animated Real Time Battles
  • Strategically Recruit a Well-Matched Team
  • Mobile Games
  • iOS
  • Apps
  • Online Games
  • Action
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Become a Legend in the Free-to-Play Game Soul Hunters

Be the leader for your heroes in the mobile game Soul Hunters. Choose between dozens of heroes and make sure that they receive glory and honor.


Delve into a dark and mysterious world, where battles are part of your daily life. Grab your heroes and battle your way through many adventures in the action RPG Soul Hunters. A dark spell has been cast on the kingdoms of this fantasy world, and it is your task to break the spell and put an end to all evil. In order to do so, you will create a team of heroic fighters and adventurers and lead them to victory. In Soul Hunters, you can choose from and collect more than 80 different types of heroes.

Knights, Samurai, and Assassins Are all Available!

Every single fighter that you meet on your journey has his or her very own skills and abilities. While some of them might be better equipped to battle it out on the forefront of each fight, others might be more skilled to defeat opponents from afar. Let us give you an example for the different types of heroes:

  • Alastair is a majestic wizard who uses magical skills to transform enemies into harmless opponents who no one needs to fear anymore. This will benefit the entire team!
  • The audacious fairy Ariel is not as harmless as she might look. She uses magical attacks to deal damage to an entire team of enemies at once.
  • Slim is a true badass. Also referred to as the Outlaw Marksman, he can destroy a single enemy with his powerful crossbow.
  • Ulfang is a Bloodthirsty Werewolf who is as dangerous as you might expect. He strengthens his allies with useful buffs and deals a lot of physical damage, making him more than a one-trick pony.

Before you start your search for new heroes and start recruiting the first ones you meet, you should take a moment to think about your overall strategy in the RPG. Only if you have a perfectly matched team of heroes, will you be able to take down any enemy who dares to stand in your way. You should also try to be aware of your enemies’ team constellation. What abilities do the heroes in your opposing group have? How can you fight against them?

If you want to delve into the free-to-play RPG Soul Hunters, you will need to download the game in your respective app store for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Soul Hunters Screenshots

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