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Sonic Runners
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Sonic Runners Description

Have you always dreamt of a Sonic mobile game in which running is more important than jumping? Sonic Runners is the game for you!


There’s no denying that Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the most iconic mascots of the gaming industry. For more than twenty years, the blue, supersonic critter has delighted gamers on all kinds of platforms. In more recent years, Sega’s anthropomorphic hero has started conquering mobile devices. Unfortunately, games such as Sonic Jump Fever disappointed players who were looking for the traditional Sonic experience. Instead of running, the protagonist ended up jumping. Sonic Dash came closer to the platformer’s original charm having the blue hedgehog dash through various levels. The mobile remakes of Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 were able to give the franchise’s retro fans what they craved: classic side-scrolling jump’n’run action! Now, Sonic Runners expands Sega’s mascot’s portfolio on mobile devices, and fans of fast-paced action will be delighted.

In the blue hedgehog’s earlier mobile endeavors, he ended up moving mostly vertically instead of horizontally. The goal of the games was to reach the top of the screen by jumping on various platforms. Sonic Runners focuses on what the quick protagonist does best - running! Not too much of a surprise considering the app’s title. The endless runner has Sonic run through an eclectic assortment of levels. The touchscreen controls allow you to jump over pits, attack your enemies, and evade obstacles whenever necessary. Collect gold rings to give Sonic more energy and to get the highest score possible. Naturally, you will be supported by the protagonists most loyal friends - Knuckles and Tails! Make use of their unique skills to overcome any obstacle thrown in your way.

The endless runner is the first title in the franchise developed by Sonic Team since Sonic Lost World in 2013. The mobile game is available for iOS devices. Simply click the green button below and download Sonic Runners for free!

Sonic Runners Screenshots

Sonic Runners Screenshot-0Sonic Runners Screenshot-1Sonic Runners Screenshot-2Sonic Runners Screenshot-3Sonic Runners Screenshot-4Sonic Runners Screenshot-5Sonic Runners Screenshot-6Sonic Runners Screenshot-7Sonic Runners Screenshot-8Sonic Runners Screenshot-9Sonic Runners Screenshot-10Sonic Runners Screenshot-11

Sonic Runners Videos

Sonic Runners News

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