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Sonic Jump
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Sonic Jump Description

We all know that Sega’s blue hedgehog can run faster than the speed of light. Did you know, however, that he is just as great as jumping? Find it out in this platform jumper released for iOS and Android devices!


Anyone familiar with the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise knows that Sega’s blue mascot’s number one forte is his incredible speed. The anthropomorphic hedgehog has run, dashed, and raced his way through jump and run, endless runner, and racing games. In this mobile game, Sonic proves that he is just as good at jumping vertically as he is at running horizontally.

Sonic Jump is a vertical platformer based on a mobile game that was released in 2005. Naturally, a lot has happened in the mobile gaming industry in the last few years which is why this re-release is more than just a simple rehash. The app has been completely revised before its launch. The developers have updated the graphics, added more stages, and improved the gameplay.

The jump and run game is actually more jump and less run. Unlike most of the other installments of the franchise, it finds our blue hero jumping through the levels vertically to reach the top in each of them. Instead of running through the stages from left to right, you begin at the bottom of a map and make sure that Sonic successfully jumps to the top. You control the blue hedgehog by tilting your smartphone or tablet to the sides which will determine the direction in which he will jump. You do not have to worry about the jump itself which Sonic does automatically. A double jump can be activated, however, by tapping your touchscreen in the right moment.

Sonic Jump allows you to play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, who each have their very own abilities. In the story mode, you can play through more than 48 unique levels until you defeat the evil Dr. Eggman. The arcade mode allows you to play until you fail. The levels are automatically programmed and will continue indefinitely based on your skills. Break your own records and compare them to your friends.

The app is available for a small fee in the iTunes and Google Play Store.

Sonic Jump Screenshots

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